It’s not a quality I posses much of. Usually it’s not a quality kiddo’s have much of either. Especially 4 year old’s, going on 5, who already know everything.


It’s amazing what a hot day, a new pool, and the promise of a good friend coming over will do for patience though.

These two so fun, so cute, and I was so outnumbered. Never should have got the water guns for the pool!

She sat in this spot for a good hour, waiting and waiting for her friend Selah to arrive. Singing songs to her, chanting her name, and talking to herself about all the fun they were going to have.

I asked her if she wanted to play a game or color while she waited (I knew she had a few hours to wait it out) she said “If I move I’ll miss her getting here”.  She missed snack time she was so intent on waiting (I feel like my life is ruled by snack time)!

I let her sit and practice her patience.


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