Friday From The Kitchen

I’m still in the process of perfecting corn tortilla’s. I know, I know it should be pretty easy right?! But, getting them cooked all the way through, without burning, but with the perfect amount of toasted brown spots on them is harder than it sounds. For me anyway. Practice, practice, practice!


Anyway, I only have so many taco meat recipes so branched out and tried Halibut fish tacos for a change of pace. We don’t eat a ton of seafood at home, we love it, I just don’t think to cook with it often. Plus, we tend to like it raw in the form of sushi and I have zero desire to master that at home…take me out to dinner for that please!

So, Halibut it was and I was a little scared to be honest. Fish and chicken are two things I tend to overcook in an effort to make sure I’m not under-cooking it. Talk about ruining perfectly good fish! But, I followed the directions to a T and trusted the recipe…and it turned out perfect, with perfectly done fish! Now for those tortillas!

Fish Tacos with Tomatillo-Jalapeno Salsa from the February Food and Wine magazine was quick, easy, and yummy! I followed the recipe as directed with no changes on my part. I thought the salsa was going to be a bit too spicy, but it was actually perfect. The halibut was pretty mild so the salsa ads that depth of flavor needed to make these tacos really pop with flavor!


We drank a white wine (New World Zen) with lemon and lime slices and it went with the fish tacos perfectly! I highly recommend relaxing with margaritas around the fire pit after dinner though…sort of the perfect summer dinner/evening even though it’s only Spring in the PNW…gotta love 80+ days in May!


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