Trail Running

I haven’t done a running post in a really long time. I’m still running. I just don’t talk about it much. Mostly because I’m just doing my thing, and my goals are not about numbers or finish times.

My goal is to have fun. Enjoy running. Challenge myself. Run in a way that doesn’t leave me mentally or physically broken for weeks.

I mean the views from the trail are hard to beat!

I’m sticking to trails about 99% of the time. The only road running I’m doing is the Tuesday Night Run Group with Fleet Feet Tacoma. I love that group, and even though trail running is where my heart is happy, that group makes me happy so I will stick with it.

Coming back from the car accident totally changed my focus. I appreciate being able to run period. I’m just happy to be out there regardless of the miles or pace. Frankly I have zero desire to push for faster finishes. I just go with the flow, go with how I’m feeling, give myself some grace (run slow & easy) when I know I haven’t eaten/hydrated as I should.

Love morning runs at Pt. D!

It may sound like lazy running…it’s not. I’m just trying to run smart and run for the rest of my life. I still push myself with hill repeats, and speedy runs, but it’s all with the thought in mind that as I run, and as half marathon training starts, I will naturally become more efficient and speed up. And, I would like to be running when I’m 90, so you know I’m not going to go crazy with it now.

Running for life is not a sprint…it’s more like an endurance race. The point of endurance races is to finish, the pace per mile hardly matters when you’re running 100+ mile/multi day races. When I’m 90 am I going to care that I PR’d in my 40’s, or ran my slowest times? No, when I’m 90 I’m going to be thinking hell yes I’m still out here running on the trails with my happy runner heart!

That’s the state of my running right now. I’m so excited to have Rainier 2 Ruston next month (I have got to get some two a day trail runs in to train for running multiple legs) and Tehaleh Trail Half in September! Lot’s of trail time, lot’s of running to look forward to!


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