Salato on Etsy

I have a confession…I LOVE Etsy! You can find almost anything on Etsy…invitations, handbags, jewelry, clothing, art, vintage…and on and on. It’s currently providing tons of options to satisfy my arrow obsession!

Just like “Google it” is part of our daily verbiage I’m finding “Etsy it” is right up there. So much good stuff, and while it may not always be the lowest price often times it’s comparable if not lower, I love being able to support small shop owners and SAHM’s, plus things can often times be customized which is awesome!

Love this bag!

I have a few favorite shops, but I have to say Salato Designs is one of my top favorites. I’ve had my eye on an arrow handbag for a long time and was finally (thank you for the birthday gift Dad!) able to order not only the handbag, but a matching wristlet, for nights out when a handbag is too much, and I’m in love with both!

wrist bag

Next time you are in the market for something new for yourself, or need a gift for someone else check out Etsy, and specifically Salato…Katie the shop owner is so nice, and does really great work, plus she’s willing to customize orders!

Anyone else out there love Etsy or have a favorite shop? I’d love to check them out!

P.S. No one from Etsy or Salato asked me to do this post. I’m sharing because I like Etsy and love the quality of the items I received from Salato, and I believe in shopping small when possible!

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