Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for time.

All the time I’ve had the last (almost) 5 years to be home with Sky.

I’ve had this lovely little girl to myself for (almost) 5 years. (Almost) all day every day I’m the one who’s enjoying her smiles, cuddles, and adventures.

I think I’m ready to share her with the world in a big, go to kindergarten, way. Maybe not though. I’m going to miss having her and all the antics to myself…doing the Mommy & Sky thing.

It doesn’t really matter if I’m ready or not though…it matters if she’s ready. She is.

Waiting for the principle to send her off with one of the kindergarten teachers.

Kindergarten is a whole new world for her. She’s already talking about the new friend she made at orientation, and she just wants to go to her new school, right now, all day long, I’m ready mommy. I can already see how much her world and her circle is going to grow once school starts.

It’s a whole new world for us too. I have got to get my stuff together to get her to school by 7:45 every morning (I sort of suck at getting us anywhere before 9am). Lunches packed every day, PTA…oh man PTA I don’t even know…I want to be the person who is all in on that, but I also already have several volunteer things that I’m passionate about, and…just a lot of and’s I guess. School rules to follow, decisions to make, a set schedule to follow, expectations to meet.

Kindergarten orientation…she colored a picture to give to the teacher she’d be meeting that day. Always giving little gifts from her heart. 

I’m just really thankful that the last (almost) 5 years have been her and me, making our own rules, doing our thing, scheduling things the way we want them. Stop, drop, and cuddle any time we want. Explore when we want, stay in pj’s all day if we want. It’s been amazing…challenging at times…beautiful…fun…and full of love and laughter.

Man I’m going to miss her during the day. But, I’m thankful we got her into the school we wanted her in, and that she’s so very excited, and so very ready. At least one of us is!


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