Enjoying A Heat Wave

It’s sort of unheard of, but there have been 3 days of 80+, sunny weather…in April…in Western Wa. I mean that’s just crazy, but we sure are making the most of it.

16 - 1 (1)
Feels like Summertime! 

Tons of yard and garden work aside, we’ve made it a point to be outside as much as possible, seriously I sun burned my legs! Did I mention it’s April in the PNW?!

Evening cool off…should have thought to put her in a swimsuit…she didn’t let that stop her though. 
16 - 1 (3)
Her dress was soaked and she was cold, so we took the dress off, but she was super concerned about being seen without a top on. She was trying to cover herself with her arms “Guys, this just is not working”! Mommy to the rescue…leggings turned tube-top!

The break from rainy spring weather has been amazing. I’m excited rain is coming back…my garden will love it, but these last few days have been just the thing to help get us through to summer. By March/April typically I’m more than ready for sunny, summer weather. And, since we don’t have a tropical vacation in our future this was just the ticket!

Headed to the beach!

The only down side is it’s so early in the season none of the spray parks are open yet, and some of the foot wash/showers at the beaches are not on yet. Oh well…I don’t mind sand in the car when it means Sky and I were playing at the beach for hours on a hot Monday afternoon!

She played with other kiddos for 2 hours, I read my book and listened to music…truly felt like vacation!

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