Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for wide open space, spending time with my sister-in-law, and peace and quiet on the farm.

Looking out on the pasture land of the farm.

When Mark asked what I wanted for my birthday this year I told him I wanted a long weekend on Amy’s farm. I love the farm…being totally disconnected with no internet or cell service…complete and utter darkness to view the stars in the night sky…the sound of crickets and frogs…the smell of farm animals.

This cracked me up…an open range on the open range! 

It’s full circle for me…I grew up in the woods, with a garden, and various farm animals, peace and quiet, dark, star-filled sky’s, and the sound of nature. As a teenager graduating from HS all I wanted to do was get away from the farm/country life. I was ready for something different, something more crowded and noisy I guess. It’s funny that now in my early 40’s I find myself longing to get back to a less crowded, noisy way of life.

Pig tails!

I want that connection with the land and my food, dirty and sometimes smelly work, no sirens, no street lights shinning through my bedroom window, quiet, solitude, enjoying a mason jar of wine…in the dark…listening to the frogs and crickets.

Not a bad place to nap!


My heart feels complete peace and utter calm out there on the farm. It’s like coming home.

Open space, jar of wine and a good book = happy birthday girl!
camp chair
Farm friends!
These two cutie pies! 

So thankful Mark and Sky were excited to visit the farm as well, and that Amy was willing to host us!

Barron…the newest addition to the farm security force! 

A few of the views from the road to and from the farm…so thankful Sky is a road trip pro!

Our fixer upper! 😉 I think it was a school house at one time.
bridge view
Columbia River…we stopped at an overlook, and while Mark and Sky hiked up the hill in the below picture I got a pilates workout in with this view!
Iron horse sculptures…that hill was no joke! I didn’t hike it because I had flip flops on. Turns out they ran into a rattle snake in the middle of the path…yikes!
sky in the car
Coloring and singing…that’s how she gets through 8 hours of travel.


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