From The Kitchen


Seriously I’m addicted to the bagels from The New Yiddish Kitchen! They are so good and GF/DF which is a win for everyone in this house!  There’s even a recipe in the book for GF/DF spread for the bagels, but I was lazy and got some at Whole Foods instead.

I’m going to have to start making double batches because they don’t last long around here. Talk about comfort food. That’s my biggest issue with paleo eating…when you’re sick or tummy is upset from being sick meat and veggies isn’t what you want. But, give me a plain version of the above bagel and I feel like I can fully embrace all the comforts needed to get through sickness.

yiddish kitchen

I’m so excited to dive into this cookbook and try out some of the others recipes offered. There are so many I want to try that I may just decided to cook it all from cover to cover…make a project out of it.

My biggest tip if you do make the bagels is that they stick to the pan like crazy. I found a solution though in using grill mats. I can’t find the one I have to link to, but you can google it or look at amazon…there are several options out there. The mat worked like magic, they came off the pan without losing their bottoms, like what happened the first time I made them.

TGIF! I hope it’s sunny where you are…it’s beautiful here!



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