Dash Point 10K

I am so sore today, but it was so worth it! I ran the Dash Point 10K through Evergreen Trail Runs over the weekend, and I had so much fun!



photo from the Evergreen Trail Running FB page, Photographer: Jerry Gamez

For the first time ever I ran a trail race alone, and you know it was refreshing. While I love running with my girls, and would have loved to have had them there (timing didn’t work for them…I asked) I really enjoyed running solo for a change. It doesn’t happen often, and it’s somewhat freeing to just run in my own head.

View from the beach at Dash Point St. Park

I put on my music, worked myself up the very hilly first few miles, and enjoyed some really awesome single track through the woods, until the last few mostly downhill miles. I spent the first 2.5 miles really irritated. I twisted my ankle and it was hurting, my breathing was off, and it was a lot of walking up steep hills and stair climbing…just couldn’t hit any kind of rhythm at all and was pretty cranky. But, once the crazy hill climbing was done (1,000 feet of elevation gain most of which is the first 2 miles) and I could actually run without stopping I settled in, felt good (ankle was ok as long as I didn’t flex my foot upwards too much) and had a blast!

photo from Evergreen Trail Running FB page, Photographer: Jerry Gamez

Can I just say that while ending on a downhill sounds great, it’s not when it’s steep, uneven, muddy stairs cut into the side of a hill. Quads were torched by the end and getting down those stairs was way harder then going up them had been. But, oh so worth it.

So far my goal for the year of trail running and having fun while doing it is working!

Anyone else race/run this weekend?


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