From The Kitchen

I don’t know about you, but I tend to think of dinner as pasta & salad or meat and potatoes. Pretty traditional I guess, especially given how much I love to cook and how adventurous we are in our food choices.  I think I just want to provide hearty food that will people up.


I tend to skip right over salad and sandwich options for dinner. But, the more we settle into Paleo/Whole30 way of eating the more comfortable I am exploring other options. It’s easy to get stuck in the grilled meat, roasted vegetable rut, but there are so many other options. Especially now that we’ve done Whole30 twice and know what the (almost) perfect balance is of adding a few things back in now and then (things like honey or coconut/almond flour to create paleo wraps etc).

In an attempt to switch things up a bit I decided to give the California Chicken Wraps from Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain, Meals Made Simple a try for dinner the other night, and I’m so glad I did!


First let me say you should follow Against All Grain online! Even if you don’t have food allergy issues, and don’t really care about eating paleo, her recipes are good! Everything, from sauces & condiments, to starters and main meals have been a hit in our house!

She has two Cook Books I have the Meals Made Easy one (I’ll get the other one at some point…because having 30+ cookbooks it totally normal right?!) and I love it. It’s the one I grab the most when sitting down to make my two week menu.

Anyway, back to the chicken wraps…while I can’t share the recipe here, since it’s not my creation (you will have to get the cook book if you want the recipe) I can say it has honey-mustard grilled chicken, bacon, avacado, amazing paleo/Whole30 ranch herb dressing (that is way better than the Whole30 approved options I’ve been purchasing at the store!) and her famous (at least in this house) wraps that work in a multitude of recipes. They are really great to make at the beginning of the week and then have on hand, as needed throughout the week for lunches etc.

We found that using the lettuce as a cup to hold everything keeps the dressing from making the wrap soggy and falling apart. And, if you need a Whole30 version of this meal then just use the lettuce and skip the wrap, it’s still going to be yummy that way, and get Whole30 approved bacon (which I find at Whole Foods).

I foresee us eating this a lot, especially during the summer when something a little lighter and cooler will be refreshing. Especially when served with a nice, crisp white wine!


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