Team Yeatman

We are focusing this year on Team Yeatman, being a strong family unit, just the three of us. We’re not trying to cut anyone else out, or avoid anyone, but we want Sky to know that the three of us have to be strong and happy, and work together as a family above anything and everything else.

Port Angeles

If the three of us are happy inside our home, and our life then everything outside of that starts to fall into place.

Life has been busy with a lot of stuff, and Sky is still asking me if I’m going to be gone again, and reminding me how much she missed me. I have been feeling like I needed some down time to reconnect.

We have the best kiddo ever…for a lot of reasons…but her enjoying wine tasting with us is one of those reasons!

I’ll admit that V-Day weekend was probably not the best weekend to try and get a room, and forget about eating out without reservations. But, Mark had Presidents Day off, so we really wanted to make it work. Thankfully I had a brilliant idea…KOA Cabins! I’m totally taking credit for the idea, I’ll give Mark credit for booking it though. 🙂

Top of the tower.

It solved our no dinner reservations issue as well…we packed up our travel grill, grabbed some steaks, wine, and our sleeping bags and we were off to enjoy a nice little getaway.


Sky has been begging to go camping, and was so excited when we pulled up in front of our cabin she could hardly contain herself. The KOA in Port Angeles has several cabins to choose from, and nice rec center with all sorts of games and activities (bring quarters for pool, air hockey and ping pong, and while the bathrooms were very nice and clean, they were also very far away from the cabins (none of the cabins have their own bathrooms) so we had to be on it with Sky…4 year old’s don’t always give you a great heads up when they need to go. (They are the only bathrooms in the park, so if it were full I can imagine they’d be very busy. It’s off season so there were only two other cabins rented out, but we probably won’t stay there again just because of how far way the bathrooms are from the cabins).


I’ll take experiences over gifts any day…our little overnight adventure was just what I needed to recharge and enjoy my babe and baby!

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