Quick & Easy Wavy Hair

I thought I would share my steps to quick and easy wavy hair. It seems to be all the rage right now. Let’s be clear here, I do not have wavy hair, like at all. It’s thick, heavy, and straight.

Finished product from the back. 

But, thanks to my amazing stylist Eleanor at Embelish I have a style that cuts down on the heavy weight of my hair, and a quick, easy way to air dry some waves into my hair. Totally got this technique from Eleanor!

Right out of the shower I comb out the tangles (although Eleanor recommends not combing your hair and leaving those wet ringlets to dry as is), and then put in a bit of KM Motion Lotion and scrunch my hair with my hands.

Image from the Kevin Murphy  site.

Next I use clips to clip up my hair, leave it random and messy, to let it dry to about 85-90% dry.

Example of how the clips go in. P.S. like my stripes on stripes?! 🙂

I then remove the clips and move them up or down to scrunch the rest of the air and let it finish drying.

View of the back of the hair air drying with the clips in.

After it’s dry I use a texturing spray of some sort. KM Doo Over is amazing, and these two in the picture are pretty great as well. Between the salon and samples I get via Birchbox I always seem to have something on hand that works like magic to add some texture and hold to my style.

Play around and figure out if a sea salt spray, dry shampoo, texture spray or volumizing spray works best for you. The Death Valley Dry Shampoo is one of the few that doesn’t have color, so no gray hair!

If I shower right when I get up, put the clips in, and then cook breakfast, get Sky ready for school, do make-up…by the time I’m done with all that my hair is dry and ready for some spray before heading out the door. Super easy and it looks great! Or at least I think it does. 🙂

Not bad for straight hair! 

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