My word for the year is embrace…embrace all the changes life has in store for me this year. But, maybe it should have been Grace.

Grace: The exercise of love, kindness, compassion, mercy, favor; disposition to benefit or serve another. 

We all have different ways of handling situations, different ways of handling emotions, different things that make us tick. I’ve found that nothing makes those differences stand out more glaringly than death, and serious health situations.


Some of us are practical and want to lay out the plan, the steps that need to be taken…check off the To Do list if you will.

Some of us worry and wring our hands…sort of come to a complete stop in life and let the worry and emotions flow through them.

Some of us deny, refuse to contemplate that the worst case scenario may be the reality.

And, others go directly to the doom and gloom…it’s the worst case scenario, and there’s no hope.

Others turn their back and stick their head in the sand, refusing to acknowledge or deal with.

I suppose the ideal would be to have a bit of all of the above in balanced measure…maybe that would make up the perfectly well rounded person.

What I’ve learned through two grandparents passing in recent history, and now in dealing with a serious health situation with my Dad is that it takes all types to get through the rough times. We need those that make it ok to cry, worry, fall apart, and while all that’s happening you need that person that is doing the research, taking care of the To Do List, keeping daily life running as needed.

The sad thing is when others react differently than we think they should, or handle things differently than we would it’s easy to get angry, discount that persons thoughts, opinions, and emotions.

Wouldn’t it be more productive to accept the differences, realize that we all care about the same thing…the person lost & our love for them…or getting our loved one through a scary situation. At the and of the day we are all on the same team, or at least we should be.

Perhaps Grace is the answer. Grace towards others, towards how they handle things, grace even when they get it wrong. I think there’s more strength in grace than anger & yelling. Not that I won’t fight if I need to, because I will, but when you’re in the thick of it, in the middle of appointments, test results, caring for a loved one it’s so much easier with grace in your heart than frustration.

Life in general is so much easier with Grace in your heart.


3 thoughts on “Grace

  1. You are so right. The articulate way you have expressed this message is very impressive. Your Grace is clearly evident. I am very proud of the way you and Beth are handling this situation.


  2. I agree with your mom. I am so proud of both you and beth. You both are amazing people and I am so grateful you have been here jen. In one day of testing I have been stuck with needles, probed, prodded, been in pain I have never felt before. Bathroom issues, told what to do and when I hAD TO DO IT. aLL THIS MORE IN A GIVEN DAY OF TESTING THAN THE TOTAL OF MY LIFE UP TO THIS POINT. jEN, yOU MADE THE DIFFERENCER FOR ME. tHANK YOU. iT HAD TO BE VERY HARD ON YOU, MY DAUGHTER WHO HAD TO SEE ME GO THROUGH ALL I WENT THROUGH. iN THIS MODERN ERa one would think a specialist could look AT AN IMAGE OF THE BRain AND tell if what is growing in there is a good thing or not. An what the heck is it? Your questions to the spedialist helped more than you will ever know. Once again you held me on my feet. yOU MADE SURE i DID NOT DROP TO THE FLOOR. You keept me going when I wanted to just lay down, go to sleep and I could care less if I awakened. You embraced Johanna and saw how significant she is in my life and I thank you for that. She too was critical in helping me through all this and you got to see this and furthermore you got to see how important she is to me and how much of an integral part of me she has become and you embraced that so well. Thank you Jen for helping me through such trying times for me. I know you hated giving up time away from your baby and babe. I will do this, I will stay healthy. I WILL WORKOUT AND EMBRACE THAt there are some positive to gain. You, along with Johanna were a bright light in helping me to see the positives. I love you so very much. I thank you.


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