Sleepy Head

Sky has always been a good sleeper, something I’m thankful for. From 3 months on she’s practically put herself to bed, and slept through the night. (For that reason alone stopping at one is a good idea!).

I was a little sad when nap time stopped happening, around 2 1/2, and she stopped falling asleep in my arms a long time ago, something I miss, like crazy.


But every once in a blue moon she is just so tired, and worn out from life that I get to hold my sleeping little girl, and it takes me right back to those baby days that I miss so much. She’d actually decided she wanted to play in her room, and about 15 minutes later when we checked on her she was taking a nap in her bed…the problem being it was 4:30 pm…way too late for a nap!

I pulled her out of bed and tried to wake her up, but she was zonked, and honestly I was happy to let her snuggle and sleep longer than I probably should have that late in the day.

I love the fun and excitement of being a parent…all the big splashy moments…they are pretty fun. But, the moments I hold in my heart are these still, calm, cuddly moments. Holding her in my arms, watching her sleep, and wondering what she’s dreaming about. Soon, even these once in a blue moments will be gone, and I’ll look back at this time, or maybe the next time, and I’ll remember it was the last time I held my sleeping little girl in my arms.

So very thankful that I get to be home with her, and take a full stop to enjoy these moments.




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