Baby Rose

Sky is all about talking about her story lately. She keeps asking to hear the story about “The Rose”…Rose is the name of her birth mother.


Every day “Mommy let’s talk about The Rose, can you tell me about that”. So I tell her about how Rose had a baby and asked Mommy and Daddy to take the baby home, love it, care for it, and be the babies Mommy and Daddy.

Yesterday she asked if I would show her The Rose. Rose just so happens to be visiting us tomorrow, which I told Sky…her response…

Sky – No mommy, I mean show me where the rose grows.

Me – Rose isn’t a flower, she’s a person, you grew in a persons tummy.

Sky – You mean I wasn’t a baby flower, aw man.

All of a sudden The Rose becomes the rose and a lot of her comments and questions start to make so much more sense.

So entertaining explaining life, and adoption in particular, to a 4 year old.

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