Thankful Thusday

Things I’m thankful for today:

-Sky can make a party all by herself. And, the 3 of us are perfectly content staying home and being our own party. #teamyeatman


-The noisemaker’s one-by-one got stepped on, lost, or worn out and are all gone!

-Sky likes doing yoga and/or pilates with us. She gets pretty ticked if I workout without her.


-Time, to stop in the middle of the day and cuddle. Sky “mommy lets cuddle and talk about things”. Conversing with a 4 year old = talking about: why purple is the best color, why do shoes go on a certain foot, I don’t understand why we don’t have a telescope…I need to see the planets, I think you need a check-up, I’ll always love you mommy even when you grow up, when do I get to go ice skating, I’d like chores so I can make my own money…mind you all of these topics were covered in about 90 seconds. It’s like speed conversation and so very random. But I love it!


-That she’s a goofball…pretty much we are family of goofballs who laugh a lot every day.


-This re-purposed wine bottle candle thing. I love it, and it puts out a bit of heat!


-Hot tea, a good book, fuzzy socks.

-Playoff Football, and that the Steelers are in it still!

What are you thankful for today?


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