Well Hello There 2016

Tomorrow…is a new year! A fresh start…the perfect time to set goals and take on challenges.


I have a very strong feeling that 2016 is indeed My Year. I just don’t know for what yet.

Here’s what I do know though…it will be a year of change, maybe the biggest year of change since 2011, which is when we brought our daughter home, finalized the adoption, and I became a SAHM. Huge events that year, and I feel in my heart that 2016 is going to be pretty epic as well.

My Goals For 2016:

-Accept and embrace all the changes this year brings my way

-Be open to unexpected opportunities to network and partner with others on projects

-Stop being nice or apologetic about making food/fitness related choices for myself

-Feel good about running again


-Consider our long-term plan when making decisions (10+ years from now)

-Team Yeatman

My biggest goal for 2016 is to accept all the changes that come my way, big and small. Embrace them, see the potential for good in them, and let them shape what my life is going to be.

The biggest known change of all is Sky will be starting FT school in September, and that means I can go back to “FT” work. So many emotions and anxiety that can go along with that. But, starting right now I’m letting those two things go. I’m going to be excited, I’m going to see what opportunities this change brings my way, be open to job possibilities that I may never have considered before, and I’m going into it with a sense of adventure and discovery!

Some of the unknown changes may be harder to deal with, because I don’t know what they are, exactly or at all. I’m sure Sky being in school will bring changes I can’t anticipate. And, I have feelings…small inklings about some things…friendships/relationships drifting apart while others grow stronger (Mark and I are totally 100% fine!)…interests changing…ages differences in kiddos becoming more evident. I feel a shift coming and I’m accepting whatever that shift is for the good it can bring.

My second biggest goal is to be open to opportunities/partnerships that come my way. Things like pursuing the cooking class proposal I submitted, saying yes to the database sub-committee I was asked to sit on for the Review Board I’m a member of, putting some of the ideas down on paper I have for partnering with a few friends/businesses. I want experiences, a chance to let the creative side of me see what it can do. It will be free or volunteer work…mostly I just want to see if even one of the ideas in my head is actually a possibility.

This last year I learned how much food impacts how I feel physically. I also learned that means I/we are a bit more complicated than others when it comes to food. I have found myself at times eating things I know don’t benefit me to be polite/not hurt others feelings. My goal is to get over feeling pressure (self imposed mostly) about indulging in food/drink that I know is not going to do me any favors. I know people show love to others by preparing & serving food, but I’m showing love to myself by not eating what I don’t want to/know I shouldn’t, no matter what.

Running…oh running. I haven’t had a running goal in so long. Dealing with the accident recovery threw me, and honestly I’ve been lazy about getting back to a happy running place. For now I want to increase my running to 3x a week, I want a 2 to 1 ratio of trail to road running, and I want to enjoy it again. I’m going to have to be a bit selfish with my running for a while. Aside from the Tuesday night group run, I’m going to run how I want, when I want, at the pace I want…no exceptions. I’m running for me, and that probably won’t work for others, (although if one of my running friends wants to run my run with me that’s fine), I’m just not at a spot to accommodate paces/routes that others have in mind.

It seems like this last year we’ve started talking about what life may look like, and where it may take place, after Mark retires. I’m  pretty confident we will be changing things up a bit, or more like a lot. I want to keep that in mind, as well as potential new locations in mind in some of the decisions, choices I make. Primarily some of the partnerships/ideas I have running around in my head and the location of the businesses I want to  work with. Start establishing relationships now…figuring out what life may look like in alternate locations. Small steps…no rush…retirement is still 10+ years away. But, it’s something we talk about often, so it’s on our minds and important to us.

Lastly our family theme for 2016 is Team Yeatman! Whatever life brings our way, whatever choices are made, we are a team, the 3 of us. We work together to love, laugh, live, find adventure, and as long as the 3 of us are happy and strong then everything else is bonus. It’s also a secret way to get Sky on board with whatever needs doing. If she thinks it’s team work to clean her room she’ll do it, but if it’s a chore, then no so much, so it’s a bit devious I guess on our part…but still in the end it’s the idea that the 3 of us work together to make life lovely!

Of course I have other, typical goals…Make a to do list on paper every day, pilates 5x a week, stop hitting snooze on the alarm clock, complete Whole30 in Jan to detox from the Holiday season, work my Jamberry business…and on and on.

What are your goals/resolutions for the new year?

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