Living The Sky Life

Nothing but Sky pics…working on my Goals post for 2016. For some reason calling them goals rather than resolutions works better for me. #mustalwaysdothingsmyownway

Also working on the last purge of the year…gotta get the last Goodwill trip of 2015 done by tomorrow!

Warming her hands by the fire with Aunt Candy & Uncle Paul.
She was so excited about her new clubs…now patiently waiting for spring golf lessons! 
Road Trip ready! She has a way of finding the most adorable hats in the grown up section and insisting it’s what she wants…like a little girl playing dress up.
She sat under the bar at the winery for about an hour. It was packed, standing room only and I was blocking people so they wouldn’t step on her. She never complained, not once. 
Taking care of her Grandpa!

I love her so much with all her sass, attitude, love, cuddles, and how she takes life on full steam ahead. She just makes me so darn happy!

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