Playing In The Cold

It’s been raining here a lot, even a lot by PNW standards. While I’m pretty good at taking Sky to the park and playing in the rain, sometimes you reach a limit.

We had enough of being wet, and cold, and wet so we camped out inside, and watched way more cartoons and movies than normal.

I can go faster then you can run mommy! Soon, that will be the case.

Thankfully we got a rain break Sunday, and even though football was on, we had to take the time to get Sky, and ourselves, outside for an energy burn.

Mark was thrilled about playing outside in the chilly wind!

Not sure why I thought Chambers Bay would be a great idea because it was windy as all get out, and when it’s windy that means it’s going to be windy x10 at Chambers. But, it’s also a nice paved trail that’s mostly flat’ish, which makes perfect bike riding for Sky. And, the playground it fully fenced, which means even when she’s on the other side of the play structure I don’t have to worry about her being out of site.

We’ve had really good luck the last several times here with other kiddo’s Sky makes instant friends with. She’s stuck with two grown ups at home, so having play time with kiddos is a good thing.


Sky would have played for hours, but Mark and I got cold fast and were done long before she was. The prefect way to warm up after being in the cold…Hot Chocolate! Also, the perfect way to get her to leave the playground willingly.

It’s a big deal to Sky to go inside, sit down at a table, and hang out. Coffee tends to be a fast, on the go transaction often done without even getting out of the car. Taking the time to linger, and enjoy it…with both mommy and daddy…well that hardly ever happens. I can see why it’s such a big deal to her.

Team Yeatman had a good day playing and hot chocolate’ing. 🙂



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