Hair Cut’s For Everyone!

Well, maybe not everyone…Mark doesn’t need hair cuts. 😉

One of my better ideas of late was to schedule Sky (and myself) for hair cuts the afternoon before her Santa picture. I love letting a professional do her hair before her pictures…Sky will actually listen to Eleanor!

Not tall enough yet.

The only down side of this plan…I didn’t take a shirt to change into, and my neck and back were so itchy from my hair cut. I’m not going to lie, I was cranky waiting in line for Santa. I really just wanted to take a shower and rinse those little pieces of hair off!


Once again Eleanor at Embellish worked her magic on both of us! I love how amazing she is with Sky, and how much Sky LOVES getting her hair cut, or maybe she just loves making faces at herself in the mirror?!



We’re opting to keep Sky’s hair short, until she can brush it herself and deal with her own tangles. I on the other hand changed it up and went short. My hair is thick and heavy enough that once it starts hitting my shoulders it feels  like it’s in my face and I’m hiding behind it…when that happens it’s time to cut it!


Eleanor is a magician with hair! Not only will you get the cut you asked for, you will get styling tips/tricks to make it work in daily life. Eleanor takes the time to make sure you have multiple options with the style and are comfortable with it. If you’re in the Tacoma area and need a stylist…she’s it!


Plus, the salon has such a cool vibe. Lot’s of interesting decor and artists on display, great location with lot’s of other fun business around, and everyone who works there is friendly and helpful!




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