Weekend Cheer

Every weekend should be a weekend of Christmas fun with friends! We hosted our Friends Christmas/Outside Tree Lighting Saturday, and then while less Christmas Inspired and more food & football inspired, brunch and football with friends on Sunday.

Post Race Cheers!


We decided to schedule all our festive events in one weekend, and early in the month since I’ll be traveling the weekend before Christmas and leaving anything to the last minute is a bad idea.

Maybe she thought the tree was going to fall on her while hanging ornaments?

Plus, planning Christmas fun the first weekend in Dec sort of kicks off the whole month’s worth of activity!


Michelle and I managed to kick the weekend off with a trail 5k wrapping up my races for the year. It was a pretty awesome route really, even if it felt harder for me than I’d like. I have got to get back to hill work! It did leave me excited about setting my running goals for next year though.


After that is was a day full of friends, food, cookies, ornaments, drinks, and lot’s and lot’s of laughter. So much fun!


Shameless Jamberry Photo! Love my festive nails!
Found a few moments to kick my feet up and enjoy a Moscow Mule by the tree.
LOVE having an outside tree to enjoy, so much fun lighting it with friends!

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