First Football Game

I admit I’ve worked hard to make sure Sky likes football…specifically Steelers football. And, it’s worked! Not only does she have her Steelers cheer down, and knows all about Football Night in America, Monday Night Football, Football on CBS, Sunday Football…she knows what’s on, what day it’s on, and even the channel it’s on.

Playoff game Lakes HS vs Kennewick HS.

My job here is done! Ok, maybe not. She thinks every football game is a Steelers game, so no matter who is playing it’s “Here we go Steelers, Here we go” on repeat for hours. Kinda cute at home, not so much at a live football game.

She’s been begging to go to an “outside” football game all season, and we finally made it happen. We live right down the street from Mark’s HS, and I noticed on the board outside the school that they had a Sat afternoon playoff game at home…perfect timing for Sky! Evening games are hard because she’s in bed by 8, so it never really worked to pay the money and then leave right after the game starts.

Here we go Lancers, here we go!

She had a blast. Girl loves her some D Fence and that was her go to cheer no matter who had the ball really. We did manage to put an end to Go Steelers and switch it to Go Lancers instead.

She had fun watching the mascot and the cheerleaders. Girl loves to dance and was dancing away along with the cheerleaders in the stands.

We made it through 3 quarters and then she was done, and the Lancers had the game well in hand, so we called it a success and headed home to warm back up. I can’t wait until she’s a bit older and we can make Friday Night Light’s a regular thing!



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