Thankful Thursday


Today I’m thankful for time. Specifically time spent home, alone, in silence and solitude.

I LOVE being home. I love the people I share my home with, and the space we are creating. I have no problem admitting I’m a home-body and am happiest snuggled up with my loves.

I know I’m a bit of a contradiction…even though I enjoy going out with friends, parties, public speaking, leading a run group, and make friends pretty easily…I’m an introvert at heart. The thing is, while I enjoy those things they drain me, I don’t thrive off of them, or feel refreshed by them. I do thrive off silence, solitude, hours of uninterrupted reading or crafting. Those are the things that recharge me, and help me feel ready for the day…for life.

Pre-Sky I had down time pretty much any time I wanted it. I had time home alone, for days sometimes, when Mark traveled for work etc. I like being able to clean the house, put everything as it should be, and then sit back with a book, or movie and just enjoy my space.

I’m thankful now when I have an hour of down time, with the house to myself, and nothing to get done. Even though Sky’s in school 3 mornings a week, that time is spent grocery shopping, cleaning the house, working on my Jamberry business, and running errands that can’t easily be done with a 4 year old tagging along.

Sky and Mark went to a movie last Sunday, and while I could have gotten a bunch of stuff done around the house I didn’t. Instead I turned off football (unheard of on a Sunday!) put on pj’s, got my book, and read by the fire for hours. Enjoying the silence and solitude.

It was just what I needed to push the reset button and feel ready. Ready for what I’m not sure, maybe just to walk out the front door, or maybe for the crazy Holiday season that is right around the corner, but whatever it is that few hours, home alone, was exactly what I needed.

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