Happy Thanksgiving

Today I’m so thankful for the simple things. For being someone who’s happy with simple things like new Christmas pj’s, Friday nights home with a glass of wine watching a movie or reading a book, walks at the park, unexpected play dates with friends, 20 minutes to kill with a book and cup of tea, cuddling with Sky while we make silly faces at each other or hide under the blankets, conversations with family & friends…a few moments to remind ourselves why we love each other.

The things Sky is thankful for.

All those simple little things create little vacations in the middle of the day, week, month…time to stop and breath, re-center, re-connect, just be. No to do list, not rushing around, just being, enjoying the moment and people in the moment.

Sky’s Pre School class.

Finding simplicity in the craziness of every day life. I’m a lucky girl to be married to someone who appreciates simple moments, and to have a little girl that is just as happy walking at the park with mommy & daddy as she is going to Toys R Us and picking out a new toy.

Gobble Gobble. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


All Sky wanted for the school feast was graham crackers…that felt too simple so I make marshmallow fluff & graham cracker sandwiches. So messy, so yummy.

First Football Game

I admit I’ve worked hard to make sure Sky likes football…specifically Steelers football. And, it’s worked! Not only does she have her Steelers cheer down, and knows all about Football Night in America, Monday Night Football, Football on CBS, Sunday Football…she knows what’s on, what day it’s on, and even the channel it’s on.

Playoff game Lakes HS vs Kennewick HS.

My job here is done! Ok, maybe not. She thinks every football game is a Steelers game, so no matter who is playing it’s “Here we go Steelers, Here we go” on repeat for hours. Kinda cute at home, not so much at a live football game.

She’s been begging to go to an “outside” football game all season, and we finally made it happen. We live right down the street from Mark’s HS, and I noticed on the board outside the school that they had a Sat afternoon playoff game at home…perfect timing for Sky! Evening games are hard because she’s in bed by 8, so it never really worked to pay the money and then leave right after the game starts.

Here we go Lancers, here we go!

She had a blast. Girl loves her some D Fence and that was her go to cheer no matter who had the ball really. We did manage to put an end to Go Steelers and switch it to Go Lancers instead.

She had fun watching the mascot and the cheerleaders. Girl loves to dance and was dancing away along with the cheerleaders in the stands.

We made it through 3 quarters and then she was done, and the Lancers had the game well in hand, so we called it a success and headed home to warm back up. I can’t wait until she’s a bit older and we can make Friday Night Light’s a regular thing!



Thankful Thursday


Today I’m thankful for time. Specifically time spent home, alone, in silence and solitude.

I LOVE being home. I love the people I share my home with, and the space we are creating. I have no problem admitting I’m a home-body and am happiest snuggled up with my loves.

I know I’m a bit of a contradiction…even though I enjoy going out with friends, parties, public speaking, leading a run group, and make friends pretty easily…I’m an introvert at heart. The thing is, while I enjoy those things they drain me, I don’t thrive off of them, or feel refreshed by them. I do thrive off silence, solitude, hours of uninterrupted reading or crafting. Those are the things that recharge me, and help me feel ready for the day…for life.

Pre-Sky I had down time pretty much any time I wanted it. I had time home alone, for days sometimes, when Mark traveled for work etc. I like being able to clean the house, put everything as it should be, and then sit back with a book, or movie and just enjoy my space.

I’m thankful now when I have an hour of down time, with the house to myself, and nothing to get done. Even though Sky’s in school 3 mornings a week, that time is spent grocery shopping, cleaning the house, working on my Jamberry business, and running errands that can’t easily be done with a 4 year old tagging along.

Sky and Mark went to a movie last Sunday, and while I could have gotten a bunch of stuff done around the house I didn’t. Instead I turned off football (unheard of on a Sunday!) put on pj’s, got my book, and read by the fire for hours. Enjoying the silence and solitude.

It was just what I needed to push the reset button and feel ready. Ready for what I’m not sure, maybe just to walk out the front door, or maybe for the crazy Holiday season that is right around the corner, but whatever it is that few hours, home alone, was exactly what I needed.

Living The Sky Life

Just a quick look at what Sky’s been up to the last few weeks.

Fun at the zoo with friends!


Thank you for the picture Elya!


Truck and tractor event at the park with Daddy!



Day of the Dead at the Tacoma Art Museum! I think my favorite thing about the event is that it’s a celebration of life, and how each alter is such a beautiful representation of who that person was in life, and what was important to them.



She danced and twirled while the band played…she didn’t care at all that she was the only one!
Sky and Daddy’s art hanging on the museum wall!

Happy Birthday Mark!

Over the weekend Mark turned 41, and we decided to celebrate with friends in Seattle. I’m always torn on going up to Seattle, it’s just far enough that it’s not easy, parking is an issue, and it’s a long drive home if you stay out too late. But, sometimes it’s just worth it…Seattle offers things that we just don’t have in Tacoma.

Having fun in the Sci-Fi exhibit.

One of those things being the Experience Music Project (EMP). We’ve had tickets for a while, and they expired the end of the year, so it was now or never….once Holiday’s roll around forget about it! The building itself is amazing, and the permanent installments are impressive. It’s a music lovers dream really, but has a healthy dose of pop culture thrown in as well.

In addition to the music related stuff there were exhibits about video games, horror , sci-fi, and fantasy movies. Plenty of interactive things to do as well, especially in the sound lab. I have zero musical ability so the sound lab wasn’t all that exciting to me, but I can see how it would be fun for those that are so inclined.

Floor to ceiling guitars (for the most part)….hard to get a good perspective shot.

Really it was just nice to be out, just the two of us, not worrying about where Sky is running off to, or if she’s bored. I love her to death, but adult time is needed every now and then!

After that we met up with friends at Capitol Cider for dinner. It’s been on our list of places to visit in Seattle because Mark can drink cider, and the menu is 100% gluten free, with some dairy free options as well. It’s the perfect place for us…although it’s not nut free, so those with nut allergies watch out.

Flight #1…flights are the way to go to try a little of everything.

It’s a super chill vibe, lot’s of board/card games for people to play…and shuffle board! You have to be on it though to play. We waited and watched until one of the table freed up and then jumped on it!

My one drink for the night, super yummy mix of all things apple.

Turns out Mark is pretty good at shuffle board…you want to be on his team! Kristen and I did pretty well to though! 🙂


All the food was amazing, everyone was happy with what they ordered, and the cider…don’t even get me started. I didn’t drink much (was the driver) but the cider list is long and varied, and what I did try was really good. Such a wide variety of ciders out there, I’m glad it’s becoming more well known since beer isn’t an options for some.

Sunday was Sky’s birthday party for Daddy. She insisted the house be decorated, there be cake, balloons, and party hats. She does love to party! She must have sung him happy birthday 10 times, and was jumping up and down with excitement all day long for his birthday!


  Here’s to 41 and another year of fun and adventure. Love you babe!