A Weekend in WA Wine Country

The grape leaves are changing!

Sky and I had a weekend to fill while Mark was helping his sister move, so we packed up and headed to E WA for a weekend at Gifford Vineyard.

Gifford Vineyard (my aunt and uncles vineyard).

More and more, E WA is starting to feel like “going home”. My aunt and uncle live there (we’ve always been pretty close), my Dad lives over there, and my Mom lives in route, so I can visit all my family going to and from/staying for a few days.


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the more time I spend over there the more I sort of want to live there. My heart is happy near the water and mountains, I don’t love the dessert’ish landscape, the summers are HOT, the winters tend to be cooler than here…but it’s growing on me. Not saying we are moving, just saying it’s growing on me.

Plus, all the wine and the beautiful vineyards…not a bad place to visit/live!

Sky loves “the big blue house” and really loves the chickens. She’s all about checking for eggs, and walking to get the paper with uncle Paul. I sort of want chickens now too…fresh eggs are so much better than store eggs!


Anyway, we had a fun, relaxing weekend full of movies, football, and wine of course!

Seriously, if you are in the Benton City area, stop at Tucannon Cellars! The wine is good (it’s the only wine club we belong to), the service is friendly, and the winery dog Tyson is adorable! It’s a beautiful spot to stop and have a glass or two, and enjoy a snack on the deck!


This tripped worked out perfectly, my Mom happened to be staying at my aunt and uncles as well, and we got to spend time with Grandpa Sunday morning for breakfast and Steelers football. Sky was in heaven getting to see so many people she loves over the weekend.

The only down side…Sky hasn’t stopped asking why we live so far away from them/when are we going back.

Thankfully Christmas is just around the corner!

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