Thankful Thursday

Things I’m thankful for today:

-Ice cream breaks with Sky…she doesn’t get ice cream very often so it’s something to sit down and take our time with.

Always Chocolate.

-Whole30 is done…well sort of. The 30 days is done, now we are reintroducing some old foods back in to see what, if anything is a problem. We still have several weeks of mostly following the plan, but at least we are on our way to being done!

-Athleta shopping trip with my Dad. I’m always so thankful when he offers to shop, it usually comes at a time when I really need either new running this or that, or new cloths. I’ve been the same size for 5+ years, so my clothes don’t change much, but they are finally starting to wear out, and need replacing. Add in I have dropped at least 1, if not 2 sizes on Whole30, and I don’t have much that fits right now for running, or daily life. But this outfit, I LOVE, I mean comfort, function, and style (even if it’s Sporty Spice it’s still style!)…be still my heart!


-Sky and her love of golf. It’s adorable first of all, and now that we are down to the last week of lessons I can see big improvement in her swing. It also helps that we discovered she swings left even though she’s right handed.

Crazy windy lesson….the rain storm broke right as we were finishing. She was aiming at the pool noddle in the pic and hit it twice!

-Lessons in budgeting. Sky likes to have her own money, and shop for her own clothes and toys. Grandpa is pretty good about bringing her cold hard cash to shop with when he visits. It’s so interesting seeing her process what she will get. She’s pretty good at deciding what she is and isn’t willing to pay for herself. Surprisingly letting her know that she can’t afford something, or it’s not approved by us doesn’t cause much trouble. She moves on the the next thing that she can get.

She really wanted a microphone (probably from watching the voice) and a new puzzle, she had just enough to get both (after shopping for a new dress the day before). This kid and puzzles…100 pieces like it’s no big deal! Leg’s shouldn’t twist like that right?! 

-The Steelers won…I was happy…even though it was a cliff hanger of a game until the very last second. Way more exciting than it needs to be. 🙂

-Cozy time…we finally have consistent cool weather, and that means I feel zero guilt over snuggling up inside with blankets and a book.

-The new cast iron skillet Mark got me. I love cooking with it, and it makes me feel pretty accomplished actually. Cast iron is amazing, but can be tricky, and I feel like I’m a grown up enough home chef to manage it! 🙂

-That life is pretty great. We all have bad days/weeks/months whatever, but I’m just thankful to be here, be doing what I’m doing, living the life I have, with the people I love.

What are you thankful for?

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