Trail Time

I overcame a fear, well not really a fear, maybe more of a hang up, or quirk, or something I prefer not to do…whatever I hit the trails alone this weekend.

I’m not a scared person, or a worrier about personal safety. I’m aware, and pay attention to my surroundings, and I choose to not put myself in potentially problematic situations on purpose.

Which means I choose not to run trails alone, especially trails that I don’t know. But, when push comes to shove, and there is a 10 mile trail race right around the corner, and the most trail miles you have in are 6, and no one is free to run you gotta do something about it!

Love catching glimpses of the sound through the trees. Once again reminded me of how happy my heart is running trails!

So, I sucked it up, let Mark know which trail I’d be running, took my phone, and hit the trails at Point Defiance Park….alone! You know, it’s actually pretty safe I think. I waited until the sun was up, and there were a lot of other runners out there, so I never felt totally alone. And, I loved it. The run itself was pretty bad (training on Whole30 = big thumbs down!), but I loved being out there, just me, my thoughts, and the view!


I needed 8 miles, only got a little over 4 due to complete lack of energy. I felt like a stumbling drunk, unable to pick up me feet, and started seeing flashes of light in my vision, so to be safe I stopped when I looped back to the car. But, I’m adjusting my approved food intake to include more sweet potatoes and squash, and taking some figs and nuts on my next attempt at 8 to see how that works. I really want 8 miles before race day. If I can run 8 I know I can run 10!

P.S. Whole30 update…yes is sort of sucks to train on Whole30 and the book says not to do it, but I’m never not running and almost always have a race on the schedule, so it is what it is. My attitude about the whole process has greatly improved, way less irritated about the whole thing, fatigue (other then when running) is gone, and I don’t feel angry all the time. Thank’s to Jodi doing some research I found a lot of quick/easy options for meals at Trader Joes and Costco that are Whole30 approved and that has helped a lot! My advice if you are going to do Whole30 is to google “Costco Whole30 Shopping List” or any other store you shop at and see what comes up. There are a lot resources out there that make it easier! Over half way done and starting to see results which is awesome!

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