Thankful Thursday

Things I’m Thankful For Today:

-That Sky and I have this week together before school starts for her. Most kiddos are already back…her school starts later than most. But, it means we have had a beautiful, sunny, warm last week to  hang out and have fun. While I’ll find plenty to keep myself busy with once she does start I’m not one who is wishing summer to be over and school to start.


-The new swim instructor is pushing her, really pushing her. And, Sky’s swimming up to the challenge. So much so she was too tired to lift herself out of the water and needed help. I love that she loves the water so much!

-PSL season is here, and even though I stopped drinking coffee over the summer I still have a latte every now and then…maybe like 2 a month or so. I just had to have a PSL at least once this season!


-My cooking class proposal is on the agenda for approval at the next event staff meeting at the winery! So excited to see where this goes, if it goes.

-My life in general. There are ups and downs, and we had am emotional situation to deal with (not marriage or health related…no worries there) that has left all three of us a bit blue, but we are all healthy, we have a home, food in the pantry, reliable vehicles, and Mark has a stable job, among many other things…it’s more than a lot in the world have, and I’m thankful for it every. single. day.

What are you thankful for today?

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