Green Giant Sautes

Last week I received the prize I won from a blog I follow, and included in the prize package were two coupons to try the new GreenGiant Sautes for free.

While I’m more of a fresh produce, add my own spices and herbs type of person, I’m not a snob about it. Anything that makes it quick and easy for families to get yummy food on the table every night is a good thing.

I was skeptical I’d even be able to use the coupons as we are gluten and dairy free, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were a few of the sautes that would be an option for us to try.


We tried the Chipotle Harvest and the Bacon Brussles Sprouts. What I like about them is it’s super easy with only 3 steps and very clear directions. It lets you know if it’s spicy or not, which when cooking for kiddos is important, and has the nutritional info right on the front of the package.


There’s not a ton of ingredients to read through, so figuring out food allergies is easy, and the spice packages and topping are included. Everything you need is in the bag.


In about 15 minutes, or less…I think the Chipotle Harvest only took 5 or 6 minutes, you have a fairly yummy side to go with your main dish/protein.

While the flavor potential is there for the brussels sprouts we didn’t care for how mushy they were, so wouldn’t do that again. Ultimately that is the challenge right? Frozen veggies are going to be much more mushy than fresh. We liked the flavor and spice level of the chipotle harvest , but again was a bit mushy, although not as bad as the brussels sprouts.

If you aren’t picky about a bit of mushy they are a good option.

Saute on!







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