T Time

You guys, I played a round of golf, for the first time ever! I had so much fun! Sure it was frustrating at times, I missed a lot, ended up in the rough a lot, but for a first outing I’m happy with how I did.

Meadow Park Golf Course.
Meadow Park Golf Course.

I know my form and swing need help, but I did my best and had a blast. I’m just proud of myself for getting out there. Golf is intimidating to me, and having an audience always waiting for you to finish up was a little stressful. I’m not a fast golfer…it’s just all so new and unfamiliar. But, shoot running was that way for me for a long time as well, so there is hope.

I have to hit it that far?! Those are not my divots! 

I had great company and help from my MIL Jan, and the most adorable caddy ever! Sky was helpful when she could be, and was patient with us and the two+ hours it took to play 9 holes. She had so much fun that I’m researching kiddo lessons for her!


But first a lesson, and clubs (looking into used ones) for me. 🙂

Every caddy needs a little rest.

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