Thankful Thursday

Things I’m Thankful For Today:

-Winning a prize from Adventures In Cooking…one of my fave food blogs! Seriously love the 12 in non-stick Calphalon pan. 12 in pans are the perfect size. The His and Hers aprons and love bird salt and pepper shakers are pretty darn cute as well. Thank you Eva for hosting the giveaway!

Goodies I won!
Goodies I won!

-Fresh tomatoes from the garden daily. Sky loves “checking” on them every morning, and picking them, ready or not. 🙂 (I just know they will all turn red at the same time!).


-Cooler evenings and mornings, yet still enjoying lovely sunny summer days.

-School starts soon. Only because Sky has missed it so much and has asked about when school starts again almost every day.

-Family time. Just hanging out the four of us.


Train Spotting.
Train Spotting.

-The smoke from the wildfires raging here in WA has cleared out, on our side anyway. Hoping it’s under control soon, and that no more firefighters are lost in the battle.

Smoke Haze over the sound. This was an 85+ day...should have been sunny, clear sky.
Smoke Haze over the sound. This was an 85+ day…should have been sunny, clear sky.

-Lettuce, the one thing that is “easy” to grow yet I’ve struggled with. It’s finally growing…we are going to have some awesome fresh fall salads around here!


What are you thankful for today?


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