Crawfish Festival – Food Adventure in Portland

We made a quick trip down to Portland for the weekend to enjoy some crawfish! Mark spent summers, and time in college, in Mississippi, and has always talked about the yummy crawfish you can pick up at any corner market or gas station.

We just don’t have that up here in WA, so when he found out about a crawfish festival going on near Portland we decided to hit up our friends Lesley and Trevor for a fun filled weekend!

Can I just say, the food scene down there is pretty spectacular. I so badly want to do some food tours through the city and eat my way from one end to the other!

While the crawfish were good Mark says he’ll pass on attending the festival again. Not as good as they do them in the South I guess.

 Sky tried the crawfish, but decided she liked the corn and potato better. 

What I did care for a lot was the food at Por Que No Taqueria. Everything from the Margarita (so refreshing and so much flavor, but not overwhelming) to the chorizo street tacos (easily the best I’ve ever had) was really, really good. I was too busy eating and drinking to take pics.

Get there early though as the line is long (down the street) and you can’t get a table until you have an order number. We were there at 11 am and waited in a line outside the door before ordering, and it was just getting longer and longer. Totally worth it! I recommend the Ceviche, Chorizo Taco, and Mark says try the Calamari Taco.

We managed to fit in a neighborhood festival and parade, swimming at the community pool, and my first every barre class. For a busy, yet fun weekend!

 She was so happy that there was candy!

If barre class is your thing, or you just want to try it, and are in Portland I highly recommend the Pearl District barre3 studio! It felt a whole lot like a decadent spa, but with sweat, shaking muscles, and a really tough workout. So much fun, so much work, and so sore two days later. Running tonight will be interesting. 
It was a little like going back in time. Lesley and I took pilates classes togethr years ago, like before kiddo’s, weddings etc, and it was so much fun to have my workout partner back for a barre class. So glad we got to sneak off and do that before the drive home. 
What’s the strangest food you’ve eaten?
Not that crawfish are all that strange, just not common in our area. 

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