A Few Beautiful Things

I found myself dwelling on beauty while were were on vacation. Not the cosmetic kind, but the beauty around us, and in life in general. A few things I find beautiful:

-Choosing an authentic life rather than an easy life. I saw some of the happiest kiddos and family ever on this trip. Is it easy to make some of the choices made to live a life that’s true to family values, spiritual beliefs, and financial goals…not always. But, in the harder life choices there was contentment, amazingly well behaved kids, a lot of loving family living in close proximity, and lot’s of old fashioned fun. Beautiful family life indeed.

-Sky’s (kids in general really) love of life. Embracing every opportunity for adventure given her, and not caring who’s watching.

On stage drumming away without a care in the world. 

Complete and total silence. The darkest darkness I’ve ever seen. Stars glowing bright overhead. The sound of a Night Hawk diving for dinner. Enjoying wonderful food, good wine, better conversation, and amazing sunsets from a mountaintop. 
-A really good cupcake, like the perfect cupcake! 
-Watching dreams be born. Not that we are getting her a horse, but it’s sure fun watching her fall in love with them, and talk about being a rodeo queen or a roper. 
Blurry I know…my phone and blogger hate each other apparently. 

-Trying new things for the first time with cousins. She was a little scared of it, but a lot fascinated by it. 
Biggest Sparklers I’ve ever seen. 

-4th of July in a small town. Everyone should experience it at least once. The pride, the coming together of a small community to make it amazing, the food, flags, and fireworks. Small town red, white and blue is beautiful! 
-The patchwork quilt of farm land as far as the eye can see. All the greens, browns, tans coming together to make the perfect pattern. 
-Cuddles, your 4 year old telling you she loves you, it really is the best. 
-A planted vineyard, especially one that’s soaked up your own sweat. Watching my aunt and uncle live out their dream in real life. 
-No cartoons, phone calls, movies, limited social media to distract us. Spending so much time reading, talking, just being together in peace and quiet without distraction.
-Coming home. There is no place as beautiful as this life we are living, the home we have created, and the little girl that helps us see life in fresh new ways. 
What do you find beautiful?

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