Happy Birthday Sky

I can’t believe we have a 4 year old! It’s nice to be able to say that she’s now been with us longer than the years spent waiting for her!

Adoption is a test in faith and patience. My mantra was “It will be the right baby, the right birth mother, and the right situation, at the right time”. 3 years is a long time to wait, but it was so worth it.

Sky is so perfect, and so us, and so makes our life complete. I’m thankful every day that her birth mother gave us the most precious gift in the world.

We are off for birthday camping this weekend, per Sky’s request.

 Take my picture Mommy…oh but wait my shoes are not perfect!

 4 means I’m an adult, and I can drive your new car mommy. 

No, she can’t drive my car, but she can upgrade to a big girl booster car seat! She can buckle herself, and it’s like a whole new world for both of us!

Sky Right Now: 
-Loves corn dogs and mac n cheese
-Must have cuddles every day to be happy
-Would rather be outside all the time no matter the weather
-Works her buns off in the garage and yard with daddy
-“I want to work on computers like daddy”
-“I’m a super strong girl mommy”
-“I’m ready for duty”
-“Let’s have an adventure”
-Wants to travel to the North Pole, Italy, The Great Wall of China, and Disneyland 
-Loves riding her bike, running, and playing chase
-Asks to go camping or go the beach every single day
-Wants to visit the farm every day
-Loves swimming and school and is doing well at both
-Plays her harmonica in bed to fall asleep (by favorite thing about her right now)
-Mostly wears running shoes or cowgirl boots
I could go on and on, she’s just so much fun, so full of love and adventure and so perfect in her imperfection. 

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