The Beauty of Acceptance

We all like to be in control, or think we are in control, but the reality is there is a lot in life we have zero control over. The beauty of accepting that is way less stress! 

I had let myself get stressed out about the SB race, and traveling to it. Will I get air sick and even be able to run, will it be to hot, will the training come together for me, will I forget to pack something I need. I had will I’d and what if’d myself into being stressed out to the point of not being all that excited about it. 
It was frustrating feeling so out of sorts about something I wanted to be excited about. So, I focused on what I could control…my training runs and getting as many in as I could, packing days early and making sure I have the items that I can’t easily replace in the bag and ready to go, making sure I take my motion sickness meds and drinking plenty of water leading up to tomorrow, and not worrying about the weather/heat. I can’t change the weather, and I can’t even do all that much about air sickness. It happens, or it doesn’t regardless of the medication being taken. Do what I can do to give myself the best shot and let the rest of it float away and not worry about it. 
Instead I’m thinking about how much I do enjoy flying (even with the potential for motion sickness), how even though the training cycle wasn’t perfect I’m feeling the best I have since the car accident and actually feel ready to run, I will be in beautiful SB drinking wine & enjoying girl time with Michelle & my SIL, I’ll have time to read without a munchkin interrupting every few minutes. Rather than worrying about what may or may not go wrong I’m thinking about everything that will be right, and I’m so excited! 
Better yet, it’s the day before flying, and I’m as ready to go as I can be until it’s time to put the final few things in the bag tomorrow morning. No stress here, and that’s beautiful indeed. 
I’ve been meaning to share this Seafood & Chorizo recipe for weeks. The problem is it’s a Cooks Country recipe that is protected, meaning you need to pay for access to the site. I don’t want to go to blogger jail, so won’t share the recipe here, but if you click on the link it takes you to a 14 day free trail. It’s worth it just for this recipe alone, but while you’re there print/download as many of the other ones as you can because if it’s there on the site it’s good! When I try something new, and Sky gobbles it up, it’s a keeper for sure!  
The stew…Sky actually did most of the cooking.

A few random pics for you…
 We stopped at Tucannon Cellars on our way to plant the vineyard. Had to have a little Rose` before the work started! 

 How we road trip.

The road to E Wa.

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