Life Around Here

It seems like there are two speeds around here…full throttle red lined, or school zone. Go, go…no wait I need cuddles and a blanket. Chase me, chase me…I just need a book and water. The funny thing is it’s not always Sky saying those things. 🙂

Oh the taper, most runners hate it, but I love it. I’m usually ready for a break and rest. This training schedule though (mixed in with trying to fit normal life stuff in) is so busy. The miles may be less but it’s still more running per week than I actually have time for. It’s been a struggle. And, in an attempt to make it all work, I ran after fasting for blood work, and even though I had a little to eat before running let’s just say the results were not good. I’m fine, but I will never run on a fasting day again, ever.

I was not happy with how much this 5 mile trail run kicked my butt. I’m glad the rest of the afternoon/evening was full of relaxed cuddles and not much else. On a side note, don’t fast, eat very little, run in the sun, and then re-hydrate with more wine than water. Just don’t do it.

Silas knows how to cuddle!

Those two…I adore them.

While I didn’t get every single training mile in I should have this week, I got in as much as possible, and feel good about what I did manage to do. My biggest goal was to be done running by today since we are heading out of town to help plant my aunt and uncles vineyard. In blazing hot sun, and I just don’t feel the need to mix in running to that situation. I will be wallowing in the sunblock…last thing I need is a sunburn before flying to SB and running in the sun there! 
Once we get home it’s time to fit in a few more runs then fly to Santa Barbara! It’s going to be busy the next week or so, but thankfully it’s all coming together. And, most importantly the last two weeks of training transitioned from “I don’t feel confident about this half at all” to “I got this, I feel good, and am finally excited”! 
Just in time for race day!
Have a great weekend!

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