Weekend Fun

I’m already missing the sunny warmth we were blessed with over the weekend. Even though Sky had a lovely cold we managed to make the most of it, and got her out of the house for a bit of vitamin D.

Since we were both itching to take the new car for a little bit of a drive we opted for a trip down to Priest Point Park in Olympia. What a lovely place to visit and very few people around which was perfect, because we didn’t want to share Sky’s cold with anyone.

 They found a fiery house! 

 Just hanging out looking adorable. 

 Snack time. 

Selfie outtake…they are harder to take than you would think!  

 Squishy jelly fish. 

 She found all sorts of treasures on the beach! 

First family road trip in the Sub. I love Silas peaking over the back of the car seat! 

We took full advantage of the sun and played, cuddled, read books, and enjoyed good wine outside as much as possible. 
 I think she liked it!

 That Stew = amazing! I’ll be sharing the recipe later this week! 

 Cuddling and playing on Daddy’s new Kindle Fire. 

 I can’t wait until summer and we can eat outside every evening! 

Chef Sky making the Seafood and Chorizo stew. I’m loving that she wants to help in the kitchen. Food adventures here we come! 

Looks like the sun has left us for a bit at least. So excited for hot summer months and long sunny days! 

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