Hello 40 – My Birthday In The City

Traditionally 40 is a big deal. I’ve never really understood why. Because there is a midlife crisis waiting to happen? Because it’s all down hill after 40? Because there is an idea that life is half over? Yikes! I have no intention of being done when I’m 80, and life is getting better and better every single year.

It’s just a number, that’s all. And, being any number is better than not being. While Birthdays are special, I don’t feel like 40 is any more or less special than any other birthday. I was torn this year because all I really wanted was a date day with my man. A day to explore Seattle and have a nice dinner. But, I didn’t want to leave out friends, and was feeling a little pressure bucking the norm of a big 40th bash.

Since I have some amazing friends, family and husband I was able to have fun with friends, have time to myself Friday (my actual birthday), and have a Sky free date day in Seattle with Mark!

After lamenting to Michelle about not knowing what to do for my birthday she jumped into action and made all the arrangements for the two of us to have girls night out Thursday night at The Knee High Stocking Company, a speakeasy in Seattle. She even arranged for babysitting so I would be able to sleep in Friday morning, and Mark would be able to work from home without juggling Sky’s needs.

The table in the upper right picture was our table! Photo – The Knee High’s web page.

 In true Speak Easy fashion no signs, and a locked door I was doubting we’d even be let in. Thankfully we were, and we were able to enjoy some very unique beverages and really amazing small plates. So much fun, totally felt like we were in the roaring 20’s!

 Cake pops make the perfect portion controlled & portable birthday cake! Nice finger Ben.
 Thankfully Ben and Alicia were able to join us, and we headed to The Pine Box after Knee High.

Friday was sort of perfect since I was able to sleep in, have a fun lunch with Sky, just the two of us, and get a massage that afternoon. I love sitting down with Sky and enjoying a treat or meal. We tend to be busy and running all over the place, but the conversations we have when we actually sit down without the distractions and to do list that’s at home are pretty great. She was so excited to tell everyone it was my birthday.

Outfit for hanging out in Seattle with Mark. It was sunny, but cold so opted for long sleeves and boots to stay warm. (Can you spot the mini Olaf)? Thank you for the boots dad!

Saturday morning Sky went to the parent’s house and Mark and I headed to Seattle to visit Penzeys Spices (so much fun picking out new spices and seasonings and being able to smell them in person first), see a play: Jacques Brel is Alive and Well & Living in Paris at the ACT Theater in Seattle, and have drinks, dinner, and more drinks at the The Saint. Then we came home and stayed up silly late watching a movie and slept in silly late the next morning before picking Sky up.

 Lunch/wine stop at Pike Place Market for lunch before the play.

Our seats for the play, thank you Jan and Gentry for the tickets. I LOVED it! Very unique because it wasn’t really a play. 5 actors sung Jacques Brel’s music, but they put every ounce of their heart and soul into each and every song. It was sad, funny, politically incorrect, moved me to tears at points, and utterly perfect! Jacques Brel  was a real person who influenced some well known artists such as Frank Sinatra and David Bowie to name a few.

 I guess it’s only fitting that with a blog named Broken Tequila that a tequila bar in Seattle is one of my favorite restaurants in WA! Hermano – tequila, cointreau, lime, and serrano pepper = amazing!
Top: Alambres De Bistec – Grilled arrachera steak, salted cured pork belly, onion, poblano, slasa raja
Bottom: Suadero – Braised beef belly (the bacon of the cow), roasted tomatillo salsa, cilantro, red onion
Best of all The Saint made is special by bringing out free birthday dessert and providing awesome service. Totally worth the drive for the custom cocktails and delicious food!

Sunday afternoon was Easter dinner with the family and was the perfect way to end the weekend really. I’m so thankful I got to enjoy food, drink, and experiences with people I love. Mostly it was nice to have time with Mark that was about us, not focused on Sky. We got to talk, and set goals and make plans, and just be. It was perfect.

 Easter on the lake!

Very intent on her Easter Egg’s!

Thank you to everyone who played a part in making my birthday the most perfect birthday! It was exactly what I hoped it would be! 

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