Thankful Thursday!

Things I’m Thankful For Today: 
-Finding a parking spot outside my old office building and visiting with former co-workers. I miss them a lot, not the job, but the people…I miss the people!
-Salmon burger, good GF buns (Franz), home made dressing & fry sauce, french fry’s, and cold, crisp, white wine. Hit’s. The. Spot.

There is a salmon patty under all that cabbage!

Eleanor at Embellish Salon…Sky was so excited to get her hair cut, had an opinion about what needed to happen with the style and color (yes, she asked for color), and had a blast the entire time. 
 Bottom R – getting her hair washed (I love those big eyes gazing up at Eleanor!), Bottom L – she is so sassy and pleased with herself (Sky that is), Top R – Elanor asked her to look down at her shoe, she brought it up to her face instead, Top L – getting Neon Yellow temporary color in her hair…so fun! 

-I got to see how adorable these two are together. Sky’s teachers and Jonah’s Mom keep telling me how infatuated he is with her…I mean how cute is this?! 
I think we can official call him her first boyfriend…I mean they hugged (that’s a very safe hug on the left Sky…good girl!), that’s a big deal! 😉

Field trip to the Fire Station. The timing could not have been more perfect. Sky has been really scared of fire, fire trucks, and fire men of late. Her fear showed itself a few times today, but the firemen were so awesome and she did a complete 180 by the end of the field trip. Sitting on the motorcycle helped a ton, she was ready to ride and even asked if she could put on the helmet and drive it. 
By the time the class pic rolled around she was over done and not having it. Stinker.
Glow in the dark stars on her ceiling. She stopped taking naps a long time ago, but those stars have resulted in her laying on her bed for an hour or more in the middle of the day star gazing. “They are so pretty and sparkly mommy”!
 There are a ton of stars across the entire ceiling…it’s was really hard to get any sort of good picture of them though. 

-For blue sky’s and beautiful weather for our speed workout last night. I prefer cooler weather, but have to admit sunny blue sky was sure nice. 
-Getting to see the hubby this afternoon. Sky and I don’t make our way downtown very often, so it’s always a treat when we get to see him in the middle of the work day. 
-This amazing stay at home mommy life I have. Visiting my former coworkers today, and hearing over and over again how lucky I am things worked out the way they did was a good reminder. Even on the frustrating days I’m so thankful, but it’s nice to be reminded from those who knew me in my professional life.
-March Madness…one of my favorite times of year! Go Duke!
What are you Thankful For today?!

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