Catching Up On Life

I had no idea 4 runs a week would be so much harder to work into the schedule than 3 would be. With 3 if one had to shift it was no big deal, but with 4 if one shifts it shifts all the others, especially with the way this training program is set up. The runs are in a specific order for a reason and it doesn’t work well to jumble it all up. 

Add in that I’m trying really hard to only bust out the laptop in the morning before Sky’s up, and leave after her bedtime laptop free, as much as possible, so Mark and I have our evenings together. Something had to give last week and it was the blog. 
Sticking to the training plan is paying off though. Michelle and I ran Tacoma’s St. P Day race Saturday morning (5K) and it was our best time on that course. A course neither one of us cares for, but we managed to stay at or below goal race pace (for SB Half) and finished fast enough to earn a coveted finishers pint glass. I actually dislike this course so much that I only run this race every other year. It takes that long to get over how much I despise the course. We had fun though, and it felt good mentally to run a race again, push the pace, push up the hills, even if it didn’t feel super great physically. My legs just don’t have it back yet, but they are getting there. 
Non running stuff we’ve been up to since the last post…..
Bruno Mars turns a sleepover into a dance party!

 My fave Hefe!

 It’s a picture of her school picture…I think it’s just lovely! 

 The things Silas puts up with. 
 Seriously missing the string of sunny days we had. She wants to run and ride, and given her progress at swimming she may just be a triathlete in the making! 

 Crashed out after something we were doing, which I can’t remember now. Mostly I love that she picks this hat to wear!

 I love any drink that has ginger in it…I love that pop of flavor. This was kale, ginger, pear, and pineapple and was really yummy!

 This girl has more wheels than anyone I know! Her newest bike accessory…she loves it! 

 That face again…it’s her determined face!

Now, back to rainy PNW weather, and real life. Sky is fascinated with work. What daddy does, what my work is (I tell her it’s taking care of her, the house, daddy, and cooking), and what her work is. Today it’s swimming and we spend our drive time talking about what work she will do in the pool. Same goes for school mornings, school is her work for the day and we talk about what she will do at work. 
Trying to get her to make the connection between daddy working, and making money, and her being able to get the new dress and pants we found for her yesterday. She’s all about paying and money…pretty big concepts for an almost 4 year old. But, the earlier she learns the more apt she will be to be responsible with her own money some day. 
Who’s ready for March Madness?! I am…have my bracket filled out and a fun friends group set up for others to join. Since being a SAHM I have filled out a bracket, but missed being part of a group, so this year I changed it up a bit. Nothing but bragging rights at stake, but that’s enough for me! 

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