Thankful Thursday

Things I’m thankful for today:

-Finally feeling like I’m getting better. This is the first morning I woke up and wasn’t in pain/felt like I need to hurry up and take the good drugs. A lot less sinus pain and I can touch my face without it being painful and my teeth don’t hurt. Thank goodness! I was starting to feel like I was going to be sick forever.

-Sky is really good about taking her medication even though she doesn’t like the taste. It’s working because her temp is down, still have to keep her home and away from other germs as much as possible.

-Wine. Not doing a challenge or anything, but we just haven’t been drinking it much this month. This is only the 2nd bottle this month, and even though my taste isn’t totally back to normal this was still really good.

-That the Duke vs North Carolina game once again lived up to the expectation. As a sports fan I love a close one, even if that means not knowing if my team is going to win or not. I’d much rather watch a good match up than a blow out, even if “we” lose. Thankfully Duke hung in there and pulled of the win, but it wasn’t won until the final seconds of OT, and it was so exciting to watch! (I’m that way with my Steelers as well, would rather watch a good game, even if they lose, than watch a blowout…except when playing a handful of teams that I love seeing beat down, and in college football where margin/quality of win is factored into standings).

-I know I’ve posted about this cookbook before, but it continues to deliver over and over again! I made the Spinach, Mushroom, and Scallion Frittata over the weekend, and it was good, and it has been re-heating really nicely all week. Then last night I took on the Citrus Herb Spatchcock Chicken and it was really good as well. Not sharing the recipes because they aren’t mine to share. Go get the book…it’s worth every penny! So far I’ve tried 12 recipes (doing 1 a week since I purchased it) and all 12 have been given the thumbs up to add to our rotation of go to recipes. I’ve never had another cookbook perform that well. For reference I’m happy if I get 4 or 5 keepers out of a book.

Not going to lie…really proud of the beautiful brown skin on this chicken! 

-That I was daring enough to spatchcock a chicken! I’ve had chicken issues most of my life. If I have to handle it too much I just can’t eat it. But, I also felt a little like a fraud given how much I love to cook and try new things, yet avoiding “real” chef stuff like spatchcocking. So I put on my big girl food handlers gloves and cut the backbone out and broke the breast bone and cooked a whole chicken, and I liked it.

(Not thankful about having to clean out that baking dish though. Since it’s stone I can’t use soap, hoping a hot water soak will do the trick).

Vikings is back with it’s new season tonight! We have been waiting and waiting. If you don’t watch it you should. It’s really good…brutal, but in a subtle way. Since it’s the History channel, and not HBO, they don’t show all the horrific details, yet they still manage to more than get the point across.

The Blood Eagle (Google what that is…that’s what I had to do) episode from last season is a perfect example. It’s horrific torture, but they never showed that actual process all they showed were the faces of the spectators, and the face of the person it was being done to, and based on the looks on their faces I was sick and really uncomfortable (but didn’t even really know why). After the fact I had to Google it to even know what wasn’t being shown. Even though the History channel keeps a tight grip on what they are allowed to show (it is modern tv though so there is still a fair amount of blood and guts) I never feel like we are losing anything in the story it’s so well done.

-That Sky will have a distraction this weekend when one of her favorite people visits. She may be sick, and we may be on Dr. orders to keep her home as much as possible to let her immune system recover, but she still needs to get out of the house a bit. So, we will plan some low key excursions that will not include playgrounds, or other interactions with kiddos. 3/almost 4 year olds go stir crazy fast! Grandpa will help save the weekend though!

-That if I’m going to get sick during a training schedule it’s the first week I’m missing. I’d much rather be sick now than the week before race day, especially since we are flying to the race! Really looking forward to getting out there with Michelle and logging some miles! Not going to lie seeing her run activity on fb made me a little sad…I should be out there with her.

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