Thankful Thursday

Today I’m Thankful…

-That even though I’m now sick Sky is feeling better and going back to school!

– For grocery shopping alone…such a treat!

-That every day is a good hair day. Not bragging at all, giving all the credit to Eleanor! If she wasn’t such an awesome stylist who knows exactly how to cut my hair to get what I want I wouldn’t have such an easy time leaving the house with good hair. I seriously don’t remember that last time I left the house not happy with my hair (other than when I went too long between cuts last time, but that was not really my hairs fault).

-(another hair one) for discovering the backcomb brush! Oh my goodness…how did I ever do my hair without it before?! Love the texture it gives my hair and how much easier it is it pin it up or put in a ponytail. The right tools make everything easier!

-For the time Sky and I spend cuddling on our bed, It’s the best special heart to heart time ever, and she ask’s to lay on mommies bed every day.

 Looking at pics of her and Grandpa…asking when she can swim with him again.

-For Chat Books! It’s the best way (IMO) to print Instagram pics! It’s a subscription service and every 60 posts they auto bind and shop your photo book for $6. Sky walks around the house with one of the many books we have looking at pics of her adventures and those she loves.

-For Silas and his growing affection for Sky. More and more I find him right next to her, looking over her, and hoping she will feed him. Even when there isn’t food involved he loves cuddling and playing with her. She’s pretty rough and tumble with him so I’m thankful he puts up with it and still loves her!

-Over the top thankful for throat spray and dayquil…it’s what I’m living on right now.

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