A Sick Day At The Zoo

This weekend could have been a complete bust. Sky is sick and Mark is dealing significant back pain issues right now. Between the two of them we very easily could have laid around the house miserable and cranky all weekend.

We sort of did lay low Friday and Saturday. Sky started the weekend Friday night with a 102 temp, but thankfully her temp was back to normal Saturday evening and now she just has a has a wicked cold. 

Friday evening and Sat were a lot of laying around not doing much. Sky was too hot for clothes but too cold without, so we cuddled a lot and pulled the blanket on and off as needed.

 Silas is all about the laying around not doing much! I did manage to get a bit of a run with him Friday afternoon though. We are still figuring out how to work with each other while running.

The thing about kiddo’s is that even when they are sick there is still this burst of energy that needs an outlet. She asked for a play date Sunday but it hadn’t been 24 hours since the temp yet, and she has a nasty cough and sinus thing going on, so is clearly sick. Mark wanted to get out of the house as well because the only time his back doesn’t hurt (as bad anyway) is when he’s moving or walking. Sitting around is the kiss of death for him. 
Thankfully there was a window of sun and no rain yesterday morning so we headed to the zoo. Sky LOVES the zoo, but we only mange to get there once or twice a year if that. So it’s totally special to her and something she can do while sick because there isn’t any interaction with other kiddos. She’s all about the animals!

 Momma tiger has 3 tiger cubs to take care of and they were so active and playful while we were there. Sky loved watching them play!

 She was also a huge fan of the walrus! We spent a lot of time watching them under water swim up to the glass. 

 Daddy tiger laying in the sun looking regal.

 Every time we ask her what her favorite part of the zoo was she says the fish. It was tropical and warm in there and the fish are so brightly colored, and I think she loves that she can look at them under the water, almost like your swimming with them. 

She was all about touching the ray’s, and that orange hat is actually Mark’s but Sky wears it almost every day no matter what outfit she has on. She loves his hat!

I know she didn’t feel great, but she was a champ walking all over the zoo and never once complaining about anything. We could tell she was getting worn out though, and hungry so we called it a day, grabbed lunch and then had an easy afternoon at home. She woke up at 3:12 am this morning unable to breath or sleep, so we curled up on the couch with her propped up in the recliner and we slept that way on and off. I don’t mind though. Some day I’ll wish I had those 3 am wake up snuggles back. Even when she was a baby I kind of liked the early morning wake ups. Just her and I alone in the world, cuddling and quiet, nothing to do but hold each other and just be. Yep, I miss those moments, and don’t mind them when they happen now. Thankfully she is sweet and snugly when she’s sick, not cranky. 
Today is a hot steamy bath day with essential oils, lot’s of movies, Kleenex, and water to help flush the yuck out. I’m surviving on coffee and hoping we can watch a movie in bed this afternoon so I can nap a little while she watches.
I really love that the tree of us can pull together a pretty great day with a sick 3 year old, and a hubby in a lot of pain. It would have been totally understandable for both of them to be cranky and miserable all day and me to be irritable taking care of them (I would be a horrible nurse!), but we actually had an awesome family day and went to bed feeling satisfied. Can’t ask for mush more than that!
Finally managed to add that 3rd run a week last week. Feeling pretty great actually! Still a little scared about the training plan starting next week and jumping up to 4 runs a week, but going to be smart and make as many of those miles track/trail miles to be as kind to my body as possible. Flights are booked for Santa Barbara…it’s starting to get real!

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