Thankful Thursday

Today I’m Thankful For:

-Speakers in the kitchen on a different channel than the speakers for the TV sound system. I can listen to music while Sky watches cartoons or a movie.

-Mastering this look! So easy to pin up the hair when I don’t feel like washing/styling it or am running late. Still looks nice, but it’s super quick – 3 min tops!

-Easily the best cookbook I’ve ever purchased. 100% success rate so far, and every recipe we’ve tried has been added to the rotation! Last night was Lamb Curry…so good! Going to start doing Sunday Brunch with Mark and Sky so I can try out some of the breakfast/snack/side stuff.

-I almost wish I hadn’t found these again. I had one months ago and then couldn’t find them again. Well I found them today with the Valentine Day’s stuff…not even going to feel bad for eating it, or for hiding while I ate it so I didn’t have to share.

-Swimming is finally clicking…finally! She is making so much progress all of a sudden. I hope we have the same teacher one more time around to help everything really set in. It’s so fun watching her get excited when she paddles by herself and when she jumps in and goes all the way under by herself.

-Posting this one again because it was such a nice little treat in the middle of a busy day and a busy week. So thankful I had the GC from Christmas still and could just pop in and treat myself to coffee and book time. Has kept me going through the rest of the week!


What are you thankful for today?

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