The Quiet Times

The more busy life feels the more I embrace the quiet, even if it’s only a few moments of it. 

I grew up in the library and reading all the time. I love books, and still crave the feeling of an actual book in my hands. But, I love my Kindle a lot. I can put 100’s of books on it, stick it my handbag and I’m always ready to read when I find myself waiting in lines, or with a random few minutes on my hands. 
I had a list of To Do’s while Sky was in school yesterday and found myself done too early to go wait at the school, but too late to go home. So, I hit up the closest Starbucks and enjoyed a few chapters of my current book. It was noisy and crowded, but it made life feel still and quiet and I needed that during this busy week. 
I love how much the 3 of them cuddle in the evenings. This is what movie time looks like, and it’s the calmest it gets with a 3 year old and a 1.5 year old dog. While I love bed time, I also look forward to after dinner when things calm down, and become quiet around the house. It’s my happy place. I’m usually doing the dishes and can peek in at them from the kitchen and it makes me smile.
How do you spend quiet time?

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