Hello Monday

Monday – it is what you make it, so if you think it’s going to be a “typical” Monday, then it probably will be.

I like Monday’s, like to think of them as a new start, a way to get back on the game plan for food, exercise, goals, whatever really.

Here’s to a new week, make it a good one!

Today is the first day of The Balanced Life Sisterhood activity. I have my workout calendar for the month printed and am going to do my Pilates workout for the day as soon as I’m done posting! Santa Barbara training also starts this month, so I integrated the two schedules into something that will work for me. I won’t be doing every workout on the specified day, but I will do all the workouts for the month.

After my Sunday morning run I had a little back and knee pain, so came home and did the Stretching and Stress Relief workout that was a bonus when I signed up for the membership. I have to say I felt 100% after I did that. I may have found the balance of running and non-running activity to keep me as pain free as possible.

Now to add a few more runs per week…have to be up to 4 a week in two weeks which means adding miles a bit quicker than is recommended.

I kept things pretty low key this weekend. Still feeling a bit sad missing Bishop, so wanted to give myself time to be calm and not have many social pressures to live up to. Sky had a bowling birthday party Saturday afternoon and she LOVED it! She also loved the shoes and really, really wanted to keep them. I have always thought bowling shoes were sort of cool, so I get it.

I did a lot of this over the weekend…finished the HP series, read some of my cooking magazines and found a ton of new recipes to try, started a new book, and drank some good wine.

Sky and I watched the SB together and danced and sang our way through the half time show. Thank you KP for keeping it kiddo friendly! Mark and Silas were gone as he opted to not watch the SB this year. He did get to spend hours of uninterrupted time at Bass Pro Shop and Cabelas. Between not being fans of either team, and then just not caring after dealing with Bishop neither one of us was all that jazzed about the big game.

I watched though because I love football even when I don’t love the team(s) playing. It was a great game, close which the SB should be, and Sky loved cheering! I won’t say which team she was cheering for, but man she got into it and gave it her all! The more she can scream, jump, clap, and yell the more she enjoys football so I do my best to join her and make it as fun as possible. I really just want her to love the game like I do regardless of which team she decides is her team.

What was your favorite SB food that you ate?
Guacamole…I could live on that stuff!

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