The Magic of Vitamin D

It’s no secret that the PNW is known for rain and grey overcast days. But, every now and then the sun comes out and we have stunningly warm, beautiful winter days. It’s almost like mother nature knew we needed a pick me up. The grey days get to a person after a bit, but the blah feeling of the cold and rain are forgotten the second the sun comes out.

Sky woke up sick Monday. It was a rough morning for both of us, full of baths, showers, and 3 loads of laundry, so when she perked up a bit in the afternoon and asked to go to the park we took off and hit the Chambers Bay Beach for a little time in the sun. Talking low 60’s, sunny, clear blue sky.

I didn’t realize winter had been dragging me down until after we got home from the beach. I felt like a whole new person…like I can get through the rest of what winter has in store for us (most likely rainy, grey, windy, chilly days…not extreme just dragging) until Spring is here.

 Never has liked the sun in her eyes.

 Not a bad view.

 “Thank you for the beach mommy”.

 She had sunglasses but wouldn’t leave them on. Silly girl.

Train spotting…her favorite thing to do!

I’m not complaining about the PNW and the grey, rainy days at all. I know a good portion of the nation is in the grip of a blizzard and I’m thankful we don’t deal with that, some years don’t get any snow at all. I’ll take the rain and the grey if it means 4 distinct, mild seasons!

What’s the weather like for you right now?
We are back to overcast grey, but fairly mild temps and no rain, so I’ll take it.

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