Thankful Thursday

Today is one of those days I’m thankful it’s over. But, rather than let the frustrations of it get to me there are things I’m truly thankful for!

-Hats, for Sky…it was crazy hat day at school, and for me because I waited way to long for a hair cut and I can’t stand to look at it, or try to do anything with it right now.

-That Sky ran over to kiss me in the middle of her hat shoot!

-Grocery shopping solo with my Starbucks in hand!

-For dog’s and kiddo’s that pile on Daddy for cuddles, and little piggies on doggy heads!

-That Birchbox is so creative with their address labels. I tend to think of it as being comfortable…with who I am, how I look, what I do and don’t have, my life in general, what I can and can’t change. Which I suppose is also considered confidence.

-For goggles. They made all the difference in swim class!

-That we were able to go out to Sushi tonight. It was a fiasco all the way around thank’s to our little spaz monkey, but I’m thankful we have the means to dine out with her and have food adventures now and then. Normally she’s pretty great dinning out…tonight was very odd and very frustrating.

-For the life we have going on for us. It’s not always perfect or fun or pretty. But, it’s ours and I love it, we love it as a family.

What are you thankful for today?

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