Box Troll Milk

This post won’t make much sense if you have not seen the movie Box Trolls. It’s Sky’s current favorite which means anytime we give her movie time she asks for Box Trolls. It’s ok though because we like it almost as much as she does.

One of the things I love about being gone an evening or two a week is the fun/adventures Mark and Sky have together. A few nights ago they came up with Sky’s Box Troll name and costume. For those that haven’t seen the movie, they wear boxes like clothing and each troll’s name is based on the type of box (what items were packaged in the box) they have on. For example Fish, Shoes, Hat and there is a picture of the product on each box so you know who is who. 
Apparently Sky really likes Milk!
I needed to practice my phone photography class lessons and thought this would be a fun opportunity to get some cute pics of our little Box Troll. The above photo is a good example of framing your subject, but she is dead center of the photo (which is a no, no…and there are branches star-bursting out of her head which is another no, no…but I still love the photo)! I’ll just say that practicing photo class in the woods adds a whole bunch of difficulty!
She picked out Milk all on her own, and then the two of them proceeded to build her box. 
It’s a whole lot easier to point out what’s wrong with picture than whats right. I cut her foot off and ignored the rule of thirds yet again. But that smile! 

We got a few funny looks from people who have clearly not seen Box Trolls, but Sky had a blast and didn’t want to leave. When I told her I was done taking pics (over 80 of them…deleted down to 46 or something like that) she was not happy. “But Mommy I just need you to take my picture…I’m a box troll”.

In the movie when they get scared or need to hide they withdraw into their box a lot like turtles in their shell. Sky kept trying to shrink down into her box and hide from me.

And, when they are happy they beat on their boxes, like an ape or Tarzan, she was happy a lot during the shoot. She fell a lot too, so the box took a beating, but I’m thinking by Halloween we will have a truly awesome nearly perfect Box Troll costume for her!

No big deal….just a little Box Troll wondering off into the woods.

They actually live in the sewer under the city, but since I don’t have access to the underground sewer we opted for an outdoor adventure instead. Although, it would be fun to do a shoot downtown with Mark and his pro camera, and get some more industrial type pics! Family adventure time I think! 

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