Happy Sunny Friday – Totally Random Post!

It has felt like a long week, maybe because it’s Mark first full week back to work in a long time. Plus, I’m back to Jamberry work with parties etc, so have less down time. I’m fine with that, just need to get back into the swing of it.

Getting back into the swing of running too! Still taking it slow and easy, but getting it done and my body is not hating me too much for it.

Photo Credit: Matt P.

First Tuesday Night group run of the year! Such a great group of runners, and nice people. I had new routes for the group to enjoy. It’s sort of nice route planning and not thinking about if it’s stroller friendly or not. Opens up the options a lot!

I mapped out the training plan for Santa Barbara Half and I’m a little scared. It’s a different plan than we’ve done before and includes track time, speed work, and adding an extra run every week. It’s just a lot to look at all 12 weeks at one time. Once we start the middle of next month I’ll take it one run at a time and not think about all the miles I need to find time for.

I’m excited to have a race to focus on though, and help me work through the pain issues rather than talk myself into not running as easily as I have been.


Thank goodness we are both feeling so much better and it was sunny out today, because Sky was going stir crazy! We decided to spend some time playing at the park to burn off some of that energy.

Always climbing, and once she’s up at the top she’s all over the place. She can’t/wont just sit up there nice and safe, but is hanging over the edge saying she’s going to jump so I can catch her. I sort of hate that fake rock, but she loves it.


I’m stuck in an outfit rut! I seriously have worn this exact outfit almost every day this week. If no one I know sees me in it, then I can just keep wearing it right?!

I do love that the hat/scarf/finger-less gloves pared with long sleeves and boots means I’m warm enough without a jacket for our mild winter temps. Makes being on the go easier when I’m not dealing with a puffy jacket!

I need to switch it up though…thankfully I stopped myself and put something different on today.


Sky’s new favorite thing is cuddling on the floor with Bishop. She just wants to be under the blankets next to him all the time. I love how much she loves him, and how tolerant he is of her.

First dog, first kiddo…they have a strong bond.


Anyone have watch advice for me? My Garmin Forerunner 10 losses my run data after every single run. I power off and back on, and do factory resets every time I run, and it’s still doing it. Works just fine during the run, but as soon as I hit save it’s gone. I’m ready to consider a different watch option. I’ll have to save for a bit, so have time to do my homework. I’m a little unsure about getting another Garmin though. The old New Balance GPS watch I had never had a single issue, I only sold it because I won this Garmin in a drawing and trusted the name a bit too much apparently. It’s only 3 years old, which doesn’t seem old, but it never has worked great and has lost data periodically, but never like it is now. 
Customer Service has not been great. It always ends with them telling me “well that’s not normal and it shouldn’t do that, just keep trying to get it to work”. Because that’s helpful. I don’t care to go back to using my phone/runkeeper. I just don’t like running with my phone…it’s too big. 
I’ve been looking at the Forerunner 220 wondering if an upgraded version of the very basic forerunner that I have would be worth it. I like the coaching and training plan options with the 220, but don’t want to spend the $$ if it’s going to have the same issues. Anyone out there have the 220? Or other suggestions?

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